Woolworth Cricket Blast Essentials Pack

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"Cricket Blast Kids' Kit: Ready, Set, Blast!"

"Blast Backpack" - Carry your cricket essentials in style with this cool backpack adorned with Cricket Blast logo, perfect for showing off your entry into Woolworths Cricket Blast!

"Blast Bottle" - Stay hydrated on the field with this durable water bottle featuring Cricket Blast designs, ensuring you're fueled up for all the cricketing action!

"Blast Cap" - Keep the sun out of your eyes and look like a cricket pro with this awesome cap sporting the Cricket Blast emblem, ideal for showcasing your love for the game!

"Blast Soft Ball" - Practice your cricket skills anywhere with this soft foam ball, perfect for catching and throwing, making it a versatile addition to your Cricket Blast kit!

With this Cricket Blast Essentials Pack, you're all set to dive into the world of cricketing fun and excitement!