Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the Cricket Blast shirt sizes & personalisation specification?

The Cricket Blast program offers a range of shirt sizes specifically tailored for young cricket enthusiasts up to 10 years old. Our available sizes range from 6 to 16, ensuring a comfortable fit for most children within this age group.

Please click here to view the size guide.

All Cricket Blast Participant shirts can be personalised with a name or nickname. Please note that numbers and special characters cannot be printed and will be removed if added. 

Which bat is right for me?
Our Cricket Blast bats are designed to help young kids succeed when striking the ball. They are lightweight, providing the necessary support and balance to enhance skills on and off the field. For personalised recommendations, consult our bat size guide. It will help you select the perfect bat size based on your Cricket Blasters height and age.

Please click on this link to see the bat size guide.
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